Explore real taste.

At Starr Distilling, we believe flavours should never be simulated, imitated, or otherwise recreated. Instead, we are embarking on a journey to explore real taste. One that will bring you only the freshest, most natural flavours the vast Canadian wilderness has to offer. Combined that with traditional distilling techniques and you’ve got a recipe for some of the best spirits around.



A classic cognac with green chartreuse and lemon for all the French feels

Mai Tai

House infused brown butter rum paired with Starr Distilling spiced pear vodka, cherry liqueur and topped with a drop of pineapple will have you feeling anywhere but Alberta this winter 

Something in the Orange

Starr Distilling's winter love child of Starr Sour Cherry Gin, orange and yellow chartreuse topped with a bruleé orange slice

A Canuck and a Scot

And they would absolutely order this drink. Perfectly made for those who like the hard stuff. 2oz of scotch, port and maple syrup. Shaken and strained over crushed ice and garnished with a dehydrated orange wheel!

Paddy Melt

Whisky, Amaro and lemon mix well for this easy drinker ! 


please remember to drink responsibly.