Explore real taste.

At Starr Distilling, we believe flavours should never be simulated, imitated, or otherwise recreated. Instead, we are embarking on a journey to explore real taste. One that will bring you only the freshest, most natural flavours the vast Canadian wilderness has to offer. Combined that with traditional distilling techniques and you’ve got a recipe for some of the best spirits around.


The Jinnifer

Named in honour of a woman no one knows but everyone loves. Our good friend Jen, a gin connoisseur, insisted on having a cocktail named after her, hence The Jinnifer. It’s a fresh and fruity play on a Gin basil smash with some added cucumber for your extra 5 a day.

Kickass Coffee

Who doesn’t love a coffee-based drink? Our spin offers a unique take on the drink courtesy of a tequila and Cointreau base followed by a full shot of fresh brewed Covana coffee espresso, shaken (not stirred) to create a drink worth waking up for, that will also awaken your senses.

The Berried Treasure

Experience summer in a glass during winter in Alberta. The Berried Treasure was made for the friend who always asks the bartender for something “fun and fruity”. Made with muddled berries and our flagship raspberry vodka with a touch of fresh lime and simple syrup, this exotic creation will be flowing until the summer rolls around.

Peach Negroni

A fresh twist on a classic, we levelled up the Negroni with our Spiced Peach vodka. Don’t worry, it still features Negroni regulars Campari and sweet vermouth, we’ve just added some spice to make it a little more approachable. Not to mention the little hits of spice that will warm your belly on a cold winter day.


please remember to drink responsibly.