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Starr is excited to introduce Kyrin as the inaugural chef leading the culinary vision of what makes us true Canadian tastemakers. From Boxwood, Workshop and Wednesday Room in Calgary, including Gladstone Brewing of Vancouver Island, he has honed his craft in acclaimed kitchens and brings an exciting palette to the table. On top of his take on traditional fare, Kyrin loves to explore new tastes as is evidenced by his hybrid cuisine combining Mediterranean, Japanese and Mexican flavouring and techniques.

Head Chef

Kyrin Wollen
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Bone Marrow

Roasted marrow, wild mushroom gremolata on toast , perfect for sharing or all for yourself ! 


Risotto balls crusted with panko, and served with arraniata, pesto and Parm 

Star Summer Salad

A deconstructed light summer salad, with edamame, tomato, cucumber, quinoa, mint fill dressing, lettuce, avocado and fried cauliflower

Salmon Tacos

Raw salmon, whipped guac, Nori flakes, sesame seeds, crispy wonton 


Prawn and tuna, cucumber, radish, cilantro with a leche de Tigre (coconut, lime juice, red pepper, jalapeno) with a side of corn tortilla chips 


Classic bruschetta, tomato mix, onion,basil on toasted sidewalk citizen artisanal bread

BBQ Chicken

Belizean style BBQ chicken thigh, rice and beans, plantain, escabeche (pickled cabbage, carrots, onions, jalapenos) Marie sharps hot sauce. 

Star Smash Burger

100% a smash hit, 2 wagu pattys, local farmed hydroponic lettuce from floating farms YYC lettuce, tomato, onion, American cheese and a gin aioli

Salad rolls 

Stuffed with vermicelli, pickled carrots, lettuce, cucumber , shrimp or tofu with a peanut hoisin sauce