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Starr is excited to introduce Kyrin as the inaugural chef leading the culinary vision of what makes us true Canadian tastemakers. From Boxwood, Workshop and Wednesday Room in Calgary, including Gladstone Brewing of Vancouver Island, he has honed his craft in acclaimed kitchens and brings an exciting palette to the table. On top of his take on traditional fare, Kyrin loves to explore new tastes as is evidenced by his hybrid cuisine combining Mediterranean, Japanese and Mexican flavouring and techniques.

Head Chef

Kyrin Wollen
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House cut tortilla chips, melted Mexican cheese, pickled red onion and jalapenos, cilantro creama with diced tomatoes and salsa Roja

Fried Brussels

Deep fried Brussels sprouts cooked to crispy perfection, tossed in sambal and maple syrup for the spicy sweetness we all love

Pacific Mussels

Pacific mussels steamed in a white wine fennel cream sauce served with artisanal Sidewalk Citizen toast. Perfect for cold winter Wednesdays…or any day!

Fried Chicken Slamich

It's not a Nashville hot chicken sandwich but it is a Calgary Chicken Slamich. Buttermilk brined chicken thighs deep fried, served on a soft potato bun, with chipotle aioli, YYC Floating Farms’ hydroponic lettuce and tomato. Served with a side of waffle fries

Charred Shishito Peppers

Charred green Shishito peppers with a sesame maple marinade served on a sesame Kewpie aioli

Beef Tartare

Triple A Sterling Silver tenderloin beef finely diced with classic French seasonings. A top saffron aioli and Sidewalk Citizen artisanal toast